Four Hand Band

Mary Humphreys and Anahata play ceilidhs as a duo

Anahata, melodeon Anahata
mary Humphreys, electric piano Mary Humphreys
electric piano

A Small Band in West Yorkshire

Mary and Anahata moved from Cambridgeshire to West Yorkshire in August 2017 and are now looking for ceilidh bookings anywhere within a sensible range of Keighley (West Yorkshire and Lancashire).
Mary Humphreys and Anahata are well known for their performances of traditional English song and instrumentals based on traditional English tunes. They also play for dancing as part of other bands: Barley Cote Band with fiddler Chris Partington, English Rebellion with Nick and Mary Barber from Huddersfield, and until 2019, Cambridge-based Fendragon.

For smaller dances, though (and not necessarily all that small...) Mary and Anahata can make a perfectly good band by themseleves. They will provide a caller or work with the caller of your choice, and have their own PA system which is the same as used by Fendragon. Their music is the product of years of research looking for good English tunes that are perfect for this type of dancing. They play with joyful, bouncy energy, tunes that were designed to get you on your feet and your feet off the floor!

Both are talented musicians who excel in a range of traditional musical skills and their performance on Saturday combined a solid danceable rhythm with inventive lines around a range of well-chosen ceilidh tunes. - Steve Jones, Ryburn 3 Step, February 2019.

See Us and hear Us

Two videos on YouTube, both from the afternoon ceilidh at The Traditional Music Day at Stowmarket on 6 September 2010, run by East Anglian Traditional Music Trust Thanks to Sarah (LadyDeTemps) for putting these on the net.


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Phone 01535 501017